Gutter Maintenance Best Practices

The weather in Oklahoma can deliver some unpredictable conditions, to say the least, but your gutters are designed to handle it all. When they are clear of obstructions, gutters in Oklahoma can effectively divert downpour away from your house and protect your exterior from extensive water damage. When they are clogged, however, you cannot reap any of these benefits. In fact, unhealthy gutters are some of the leading causes behind roof repair in Oklahoma. If you want to protect your roof, siding, and foundation from unnecessary and costly damage, follow these best practices for gutter care.


Inspect for Storm Damage Throughout Summer


The plains are known for getting hit by some of the gnarliest weather on the planet. Hailstorms, tornados, and rain all call our area home during the spring and summer months. Gutters can take the hardest hits during these bouts of severe weather, which is why it is critical to inspect them regularly. After the latest round of rain rolls through, check your gutters for signs of damage. Specifically, you are looking for heavy denting or impact marks from hail. If the indentations are big enough, you may need storm damage repair.


Clean and Clear Regularly


After looking over the exterior of your gutters following a storm, be sure to check inside for lingering debris. Anything left to fester in gutters not only prevents them from draining properly, but also can pose a health threat in the form of mold. Remove large detritus first before rinsing out gutters with a gentle cleaner.


Consider Installing Gutter Protection


If you want to take your gutter care to the next level and gain new peace of mind during a storm, now is a great time to consider installing a protection system. These streamlined covers shield your gutters from debris while still encouraging water to drain as intended. They also mean you will rarely need to mount your ladder to inspect or clean.


With these practices, you can keep your gutters and home healthy for years to come.